Armored Truck Warzone: How to get the New Armored Truck, Buy Station Upgrades & More

Here’s everything you need to know about the new armored trucks in Warzone season 4.

The new season of Warzone launched last night with new weapons, weapon nerfs and buffs, map changes, a new battle pass and the option to gift it to players, and red doors, the new fast travel system.

We also have a new vehicle, the Dirt Bike. It’s faster than all of the vehicles currently available in Verdansk including the ATV. It has the same health at the ATV and can hold two players, one driver and one passenger.

The Dirt Bike is listed in the patch notes, however, one the new vehicles isn’t listed anywhere. Players have been finding armored trucks which seem like a cheat to win games, especially solos. Here’s everything you need to know about armored trucks in Warzone.

How and where to get an armored truck in Warzone

In order to get an armored truck in Warzone, you’ll need to have captured a satellite. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a satellite cache drop and once you open it, you’ll either get an armored truck or a HARP.

The armored truck is called in like how you’d call in a loadout drop. Drop the grenade where you want the armored truck to spawn and it’ll drop down on the map.

The locations of satellietes are random for each game, but you’ll be able to hear them as they’re dropping onto the map. When you hear them, look up to see where they’re landing.

Armored Trucks have a seat for the driver and one to operate the turret. The rest of your team can then jump in the back like you would with the normal cargo trucks that are found around the map.

Upgrade Station for Warzone Armored Trucks

If you think Warzone Armored Trucks are over powered based on the turret, you’re in for a surprise. Players can upgrade the armored truck by heading to the buy station that’s on the back of the truck. Players can upgrade the truck in different ways as well as provide equipment for players including an Armor and Munitions box.

Players can purchase a trophy system, a UAV, better armour for the truck and other options including refilling the trophy system and repairing the armor for the truck. These options are fairly expensive, but players loaded with cash will reap the benefits.

Here are all of the upgrades you can purchase from the buy station on Warzone’s armored trucks:

    • Refill Trophy ($2500)
    • Repair Armored Truck ($1500)
    • UAV ($4000)
    • Trophy System ($3000)
    • Heat Resistant Barrel ($3000)
    • Heavy Armor ($2000)
    • Armor Box ($6000)
    • Munitions Box ($4500)
Warzone Armored Truck Upgrades
Warzone Armored Truck Upgrades


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