China restricts all minors to play video games past 10pm and…

China has passed a new law prohibiting under 18s from enjoying video Games for more than 90 minutes on any weekday. They’re also prohibited from playing with games past 10pm daily until 8am.

Children Will have the ability to play games for longer than 90 minutes on any weekday. And games per day, they will be permitted a max of 3 hours on weekends. The law also prohibits any minors from enrolling, to games using names.

Through this ridiculous Law, China claims it supports video game addiction and that, one of minors in China, video games produce”inferior academic performance over a broad swath of culture”.

On top of that, the legislation restricts minors from Spending cash Based on age. Before this week the law was passed. According to The New York Times, “several of the largest technology companies, such as Tencent and Netease, have already imposed limits on younger users” as The law was expected for a while today.


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