Fortnite used to kinda different classes back in the early days of the Alpha version. Things have changed a lot since then and now the game offers 4 playable classes: Outlander, Soldier, Ninja and Constructor.

Each class has enique abilities and items:

Outlander is the best at finding all the ingredients you need to craft your fort and amazing weapons and traps.

Soldier is the first line of defense. If you like to play “Rambo mode” this is your class.

Ninja is fast, uses swords and all sorts of melee weapons. It’s the only class in the game that can double jump – a very useful skill during combat, exploration and defence.

Last but not least is the Constructor, if you want your fort to badass you need to play this class. You can easily buff structures and repair them in a blink of an eye. This class is slooooow though.