Fortnite Early Access launches on July 20th at 10 AM EDT (3 PM CET)!

If you’ve been playing the alpha since the beginning you have probably received a 50% off discount for the game (any edition) or maybe even got a free upgrade (there were reports on reddit about that). Otherwise you can buy the game here on the official website.

Go to your Epic Games account and see if you qualify for the discount or received an upgrade.

Remember the NDA is still in action until then and you can’t post any screenshots, videos or streams from the game. If you have any other questions simply go here and read the FAQ section.

The pre-loading might start soon (on PC and Mac) but probably won’t be available on consoles at all – according to Epic Games it’s to avoid double downloads on those systems.

The game is currently unavailable for everyone as you can see on the screenshot below:


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