Fortnite Heart Lake Location: Catch fish at Heart Lake

Here’s the Heart Lake Fortnite location which you’ll need to complete one of the week 10 challenges.

We’re onto the final week of Fortnite challenges with the release of the week 10 challenges today. We still have just over a month to go until the new season, season 5. There’s a new Fortnite update next week, v14.50, and there’s a chance we could see additional challenges added to the files similar to Overtime challenge.

Although the season seems like it won’t be extended, a month without any challenges at all seems unlikely, but we’ll have to wait and see if any challenges are added in next weeks update.

Catch Fish at Heart Lake Fortnite Location
Catch Fish at Heart Lake Fortnite Location

As usual, most of the Fortnite challenges this week are similar to what we’ve seen in previous seasons and are straightforward to complete. There are a couple of challenges that require players to visit specific landmarks on the map. One of those challenges is the “catch fish at Heart Lake” challenge. For those of you that don’t know the location of Heart Lake, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide.

Where is Heart Lake in Fortnite?

Heart Lake in Fortnite can be found in the Stark Industries named location. It’s the largest lake that’s found on the Stark Industries location. Here’s a map with the location marked on the map.

Heart Lake Fortnite Map Location
Heart Lake Fortnite Map Location

In order to complete this challenge, players will need to catch a total of three fish from the lake. You’ll need to be careful when completing this challenge as there’ll be a large number of players dropping straight to the location from the Battle Bus in order to complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

You’ll obviously need a fishing rod or a harpoon gun, so remember that when dropping. There should be wooden barrels around the lake where you can find yourself a fishing rod. Remember to hit the fishing spots to have a better chance of catching yourself some fish.

Good luck with the challenge!


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