Fortnite hit a whopping 3.4 million peak concurrent player count over the weekend, surpassing PUBG’s Steam-topping 3.2 million record.

“Problems that affect service availability are our primary focus above all else right now. We want you all to know we take these outages very seriously, conducting in-depth post-mortems on each incident to identify the root cause and decide on the best plan of action,” the studio wrote. “The online team has been working diligently over the past month to keep up with the demand created by the rapid week-over-week growth of our user base.”

Steps in that process include identifying the root cause of database performance issues, eliminating unnecessary calls to the backend, reducing the “blast radius” when things go wrong, scaling up its internal infrastructure, and an “MCP re-architecture,” whatever that means.

It’s been an amazing and exhilarating experience to grow Fortnite from our previous peak of 60K concurrent players to 3.4M in just a few months, making it perhaps the biggest PC/console game in the world!” Epic wrote. “All of this has been accomplished in just a few months by a small team of veteran online developers — and we’d love to welcome a few more folks like yourself to join Epic Games on this journey!”

Epic recently announced that its free-to-play MOBA Paragon will be closed in April, in part because it’s been forced to shift resources to the far-more-successful Fortnite.

Source: PC Gamer