Fortnite Patch v11.40 – All Leaked Cosmetics (Skins, Emotes, Gliders, Wraps)

A number of new cosmetics were found in the game files during today’s v11.40 update. As usual with patches, these are expected to release over the coming weeks along with skins that have been encrypted further, but no specific dates can be given.

Some of these skins look pretty cool and should be expected to appear in the Item Shop as the weeks continue. What are your favorite cosmetics in this list? Let us know in the comments and on our social media pages.

Skins of rare rarity should cost 1,000-1,200 v-bucks, with uncommon skins being 800-1,000, epic skins being 1,200-1,500 and legendary skins being 2,000 v-bucks.

Fortnite Ratty
Fortnite Greed
Fortnite Masq Mark
Fortnite Lucky Axes
Fortnite Underbite
Fortnite Twilight Strikers
Fortnite Wild Accent
Fortnite Xile
Fortnite Raise The Roof
Fortnite Shadow Spar
Fortnite C’mere
Fortnite Focused
Fortnite Cap Kick
Fortnite Caution
Fortnite Tango
Fortnite Chill Count
Fortnite Hailstrom
Fortnite Ice Intercept
Fortnite Snow Sniper
Fortnite Chillout
Fortnite Arctic Intel
Fortnite Ice Stalker
Fortnite Snow Striker
Fortnite Clash
Fortnite Hurricane
Fortnite Contender
Fortnite Phantom Flame
Fortnite Bubbly
Fortnite Sharky Shallows
Fortnite Paint Splash
Fortnite Mecha-jolly
Fortnite Beacon Trance
Fortnite Zadie Jungle
Fortnite Zadie Arctic
Fortnite Metal Mouth Jungle
Fortnite Metal Mouth Arctic
Fortnite Rippley Purple
Fortnite Bank Shots Gold
Fortnite Guandao Dragon
Fortnite Highlight Strikers Yellow
Fortnite Smolders
Fortnite Tiger Claws
Fortnite Gilded Scepter
Fortnite Rogue Wave
Fortnite Pop Axe
Fortnite Scampi
Fortnite Dragon’s Breath
Fortnite Spiked Mace
Fortnite Mellow Days
Fortnite Jade Racer
Fortnite Tigeress
Fortnite Gan
Fortnite Swift
Fortnite Bull Shark
Fortnite Iris
Fortnite Komplex
Fortnite Jellie
Fortnite Metal Mouth
Fortnite Zadie
Fortnite Dragon Guard
Fortnite Jade Blades
Fortnite Blue Wave
Fortnite Rat Lantern
Fortnite Shark’s Tank
Fortnite Roundabout
Fortnite Purple Jam
Fortnite Shellie
Fortnite Loyal Shield Dragon
Fortnite Guan Yu Dragon
Fortnite 8-Ball Gold
Fortnite Blade Bag Yellow
Fortnite Ball Bling Gold
Fortnite Metalmark Yellow
Fortnite Crazy Eight Gold
Fortnite Sludgehammer Purple
Fortnite Chic Yellow
Fortnite Back Board Metal Masq
Fortnite Street Shine
Fortnite Smoke Dragon
Fortnite Bladed Breath
Fortnite Darkest Edge
Fortnite Skellon
Fortnite Oro
Fortnite Radiant Mantle


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