Patch Notes for Fortnite v11.10 – Fortnitemares

Update: We’ve included a list of addressed issues from Fortnite’s trello panel, scroll down to view them.

Epic Has released the very first”patch notes” of 2, Season 1 for today’s v11.10 update and Fortnitemares has come into the new Battle Royale island for 2019.

There isn’t much we didn’t Already understand and it doesn’t seem like Epic are diving right into adjustments. There is no sign whether we’ll see a set of patch notes that are listed just as we used to.

If you haven’t noticed them a lot of fresh makeup were added to the game files on this spot and we should watch them from the Item Shop shortly enough.

An ancient evil has awakened to the Island that was new, returning Fortnite’s entire world .

Fortnitemares is rear.
Even in a brand new world, you can’t hide from your nightmares… Fortnitemares Returns with a vengeance. Nightmarish Outfits have taken within the Item Shop:

Soccer Zombie Outfits: Do not worry, you won’t split your limbs off while breaking up a sweat.
The Storm King Fist Pickaxe: The vain Storm King made this Pickaxe within his honor.
The Cryptic Curse Bundle: A amazing aesthetic. Finish and get the Wrath Outfit and Time Keeper Back Bling Challenges to unlock fashion Choices!
Want fright? Make Sure You explore The Last Reckoning Bundle , Including the mortifying Catrina Outfit, the Mourning Glory Rear Bling, the spooky Willow Outfit, Dolly Back Bling, the menacing Blacklight Outfit, along with Indigo Wings Back Bling.
THE STORM KING CHALLENGES YOU. Squad up with you personally Friends and confront him at the Storm King LTM to prevent him from ruining the Isle! (Your guts and ability is going to probably likely soon be rewarded with a distinctive Umbrella.)
Fortnitemares has much more in shop. Sink your teeth to the community-made match Gun Fright, made by neighborhood programmer BluDrive! Partner upward within this 2v2 showdown and fall in the midst of a rapid firefight. Communicating and your ability is going to be analyzed over several rounds.

You can check all Fortnite updates so far on the Official Epic Games Page


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