I don’t know if you’ve noticed but since Battle Royale got popular there’s always some kind of AFKer or griefer ruining let’s say 1/10 of your Save The World missions.

What do they do? They simply don’t put anything into the mission, no defense, no buidling, no resources, they just explore the map and don’t care. Surely we can report them during the match but the system is lacking lots of features, it’s just too simple and unreliable. And that’s probably the best case scenario for a griefer to do.

Photo by ArtAmazon

I’ve had a problem with a couple of ***holes recently, they just pretend to play like you usually do during a mission but once the mission is on they simply try to do everything to ruin your fun time. Sometimes they even blackmail you into giving them item X in exchange for help. That’s really pathetic.

If Epic Games doesn’t introduce some kind of system for those kind of people the game is doomed sooner than later. Let’s hope early summer comes with a new patch…