Survive The Storm update is coming on Tuesday, Aug. 29 and it includes the new Survive The Storm mode, special mutant Storms, new weapons, new heroes, new defenders and more!

The new mode will be available for limited time only (no idea how long at the moment) so try it out before it disappears from the game entirely (hopefully they will make it a permanent element of the game later on).

Survive The Storm Mode 
Gather resources during the day while battling increasingly more difficult threats every night.

Mutant Storms
These limited-time Storms have modifiers like enraged husks or limited health. Special loot included!

Hydraulic Weapon Set
Introducing the hydraulic weapon set. Scavenged from the industrial yards of Plankerton, and rebuilt into husk-destroying machines, these nine high-impact weapons can only be acquired by earning tickets as you complete mutant storms.

And More! 
We’ve also got new heroes and defenders along with a host of performance enhancements and brand new art for the Canny Storm Shield Homebase.

Check out the trailer on YouTube: