Here is an unofficial changelog for the update from 21st July.

The current version of the game is: 3541083-Windows


  • Added code for Constructor’s Bull Rush Ability.
  • Edited various abilites for Husks, Smashers & Takers


  • Added Backpack Definition for Secondary Mission Rewards.


  • Added german voiceovers for Bear, CrateBot, misc. NPCs, Outlander, RaY, Soldier, the Lamas n the Store


  • Edited various Fort Effects.
  • Edited various front-end particles.


  • Edited text for various daily missions.


  • Edited UI elements for various parts of the game such as the settings menu, skill tree, squad managment and the store.
  • For those wondering why I make this post, like with Paragon I want to see if there are hidden changes with updates and generally want to see what I am downloading there.


Source: reddit