Fortnite has been out as Early Access game for less than a year (I have played the alpha version wayyyyy before that, the game has changed A LOT since then!), but has already developed a huge following – with its popularity skyrocketing since the free Battle Royale mode launched. Fortnite launched as a paid for title, but this was only for early access – with Epic Games planning to release the entire game for free at a later date.

But when is Fortnite Save The World joining Battle Royale and becoming free to download? Epic Games had previously said that Fortnite Save The World would become free to download in 2018. Eric Williamson, Fortnite’s Lead Systems Designer, claims that’s still the plan.

“We’re still looking at a 2018 free release for ‘Save the World.’ Epic tried to be really generous with the content in Early Access packs, and there have been events and items that exclusive to this Early Access period already!”

“We appreciate everyone who’s played and supported the game so far, and our philosophy is to do everything we can to show that to our players.”

For those who have bought Fortnite in early access, you will have plenty of events to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Valentine’s Day event, heading to Fortnite on February 14, and a Spring It On event later this month. The upcoming Valentine’s event will bring with it Valentine’s themed Heroes and a Cupid Crossbow. It will also boast a special Valentine’s questline called ‘A Love Story’. While the Spring It On Event, which launches on February 21, will bring with it the Spring It On questline as well as new event store items.