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Happy New Year!!!

Have a great year guys! Hopefully Epic Games is going to focus more on the campaign… I’m not a fan of the Battle Royale mode. Cheers!


Fortnite hits 20 million players

Fortnite has hit 20 million unique players thanks to it’s Battle Royale mode, which is basically a copy of critically acclaimed Playerunknown’s Battleground. Congrats Epic Games! We just passed 20 million players across all of Read more…

Battle Royale

Huuuuge patch incoming!

Numerous gameplay, controller sensitivity, and performance improvements are air-dropped into Fortnite Battle Royale. Save the World receives quality-of-life improvements across many of its systems and introduces a new set of stylish shotguns in the V.1.9 Read more…

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Here are some quick Fortnite facts:

When did Fortnite Early Access launch?

  • On July 20th 2017 for Alpha Players
  • On July 25th 2017 for the rest of Early Access buyers

What is the game's graphic engine?

It's Unreal Engine 4!

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